Hello there. You are looking right now at the main page of my most important personal project I'm working on. 3DRadSpace is a remake of an older game engine called '3D Rad',  that was a really big part of my entire game developing experience, since it introduced me to game developing. I was initially about 10 years old when I first used 3D Rad and made a simple car game. Now, after many years, with decent programming skills, I'm creating this project, in hope to inspire other people to start creating their own pieces of art.
    3DRadSpace's goal is being a better and more modern engine than the original engine. It already is as writing this page (June 9, 2020), since C# is already supported, scripting is extremely more versatile and limitless than Angelscript. 3DRadSpace is also, already faster than the original 3D Rad. The original engine took about 20 seconds to load a simple project containing few skinmesh objects, some scripts and some timers. 3DRadSpace is build using Monogame, so check that framework out, really good stuff.
    In this moment, it's just me, a lone developer, trying to accomplish his dreams related to computer science and programming.
    Anyway, you probably came here to download my engine and give it a go. So, check it out (Please note that bugs exists, since this is the alpha stage).
    I'd like to thank the persons from classdev.net , 3drad.boards.net for encouraging me to keep working on this project.

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