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Title: 3DRadSpace Rewrite + End of the first public testing stage
Post by: NicusorN5 on August 24, 2020, 05:38:02 PM
Hello guys. So, I'm beginning to rewrite 3DRadSpace due to the following reasons:
--> Monogame 3.8 has implemented breaking changes (in the content pipeline, compilation, and .NET platform (.NET core instead of .NET framework)
--> 3DRadSpace's codebase is still kinda trash (visually). It works fine as far as I know, but I've met people that have issues understanding my own code.
--> Visual Studio 2019 being buggy. Since I updated to 3.8, I'm unable to use the WinForms properly. And I can't set icons and images anymore to the project :( .
--> BAD I/O File system (will stop using the plain text format)

These being the code-related reasons. The other reasons are:
--> The way 3DRadSpace alpha releases were organised hurt development : I often had to deal with bugs that were either very hard to fix, or unfixable.

With the rewrite I will promise:
--> Support for .FBX, .OBJ, .3DS models, .X being supported by default
--> A physics engine implementation (using BEPUphysics for the beginning)
--> An binary I/O format