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Off-Topic / Re: Forum rules
« on: October 13, 2020, 08:56:48 PM »
*bump to keep this post above*

Annoucements / 3DRadSpace Wiki now up!
« on: September 29, 2020, 06:35:49 PM »
Hello guys! I just setup the 3DRadSpace wiki. It will contain all the API information and documentation for using the engine.


Thanks for reading, and for supporting this engine's development!

Have a good day.

Hello guys. So, I'm beginning to rewrite 3DRadSpace due to the following reasons:
--> Monogame 3.8 has implemented breaking changes (in the content pipeline, compilation, and .NET platform (.NET core instead of .NET framework)
--> 3DRadSpace's codebase is still kinda trash (visually). It works fine as far as I know, but I've met people that have issues understanding my own code.
--> Visual Studio 2019 being buggy. Since I updated to 3.8, I'm unable to use the WinForms properly. And I can't set icons and images anymore to the project :( .
--> BAD I/O File system (will stop using the plain text format)

These being the code-related reasons. The other reasons are:
--> The way 3DRadSpace alpha releases were organised hurt development : I often had to deal with bugs that were either very hard to fix, or unfixable.

With the rewrite I will promise:
--> Support for .FBX, .OBJ, .3DS models, .X being supported by default
--> A physics engine implementation (using BEPUphysics for the beginning)
--> An binary I/O format

Bugs, Crashes and Issues / Re: v.5
« on: July 25, 2020, 06:54:37 PM »
the fog object on the left is still 90% under the topmenu bar.
Coming back to this topic, since I'm finding bugs to fix for 0.0.7a, is your font size changed? All the objects are properly placed in my case. Would it be a issue if you use something like imgur to post a screenshot there?
(Using the img tag as specified below ) :
Code: [Select]
[img]<direct link>[/img]

Fixed as of 0.0.6a.

3DRadSpace Releases / 3DRadSpace v0.0.6a feature release
« on: July 22, 2020, 11:16:06 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm glad to release this new update since it includes some major stuff, mostly the object selection that works very fine with Skinmeshes (implemented using a Moller-Trumbore algorithm). This feature took the most time to think of and implement. Also some other bugs and real life stuff stole the time, but there we are! With the newest update released, I'm gladly looking for feedback, opinions and for interaction with you, fellow users!

I know that I'm late with this release, but I gave my best try implementing the new features!

Now, let's get to the generic stuff. This is the 0.0.6 alpha change-log. Quality over quantity... (I hope so)

✓ Added the Counter object, with also a demo project.
✓ Reworked the editor camera, to avoid the generic first person shooter style. It is similar to the original 3D Rad.
✓ 3D rendarable Objects are now selectable with the mouse.

Bug fixes:
✓ Fixed a crash when opening a project containing a EventOnKey with no defined actions
✓ Fixed a crash when opening a project containing a EventOnLocation with no defined opcodes/actions
✓ Fixed a bug dealing with wrong values in the EventOnKey dialog and saving.

✓ The text at the bottom of the screen also shows the camera's position.
✓ Added `Edit` -> `Reset 3D Cursor Location`

Notice: This update is not downloadable using the autoupdate feature.

Now, the thing that you propably waited for, fellow reader:

Download [direct link] ( RAR only) :

Just to mark the fact that videos also work.

Also made progress with the bug. This is what the Moller-Trumbore algorithm is really working with:

Annoucements / Re: Temporary development cease
« on: July 07, 2020, 08:03:22 PM »
Update: Guess what, the newer project is not getting some necessary persons ( a 3D viewmodel animator) . So things are going back to normal. Well, thread locked.

Annoucements / Temporary development cease
« on: July 03, 2020, 05:17:41 PM »
Hello guys, I've come with some bad news (not really in some points of view). I'm going to cease the development of this project after I release 0.0.6a since I'm changing my focus a more important project (where I also gathered some members for it). (Yes, a actually serious project involving commercial stuff).

I will estimate the development pause to be 1-2 years old, and depending on how unlucky I am... Let's not talk about... Eh, you propably know. Why I'm bringing up that point? Statistics. (TL:DR) This pause may be permanent if yeah... God, I should not bring these negative topics there.

Anyway, going back to 3DRadSpace, I will release the 0.0.6a version in the next few weeks, since I'm having trouble fixing some bugs there and there. After that, I will start working on that specific project.

I learnt alot of stuff writing this little toy that is right now capable to create really simple games ( a AABB collision platformer for example). There were also some other plans like implementing a physics enigine, implementing complete support for Assimp (Open Asset Import Library) formats, languages, writing a collection of shaders similar to the original engine. I will actually try making a platformer just for fun lol (If I will allocate time for it).

By using all these internet slangs I really threw professionalism outside the window. (Is that the expression?)

I'm not really saying goodbye to this project. Just a really longer break. Hopefully someone will continue this project meanwhile I'll be developing that project.

Bugs, Crashes and Issues / Re: v.5
« on: June 26, 2020, 10:38:01 AM »

I don't know what you mean " copy & paste the contents of my project" the project with the hidden text is the default fog project with no changes or additions to it. Even though the project seems to work now, i see the ground and fog line.. the fog object on the left is still 90% under the topmenu bar.
The default Fog demo? Lemme check.

Text size & color scheme in the editor list window ( the left & top bar ), I don't know why those cant be changed and why your talking themes... what wrong with a simple color selection box and font + font size options for the user.
I didn't say it is impossible. Actualy themes are just predefined color schemes. I just mentioned that I've never saw such a thing as setting the UI fonts in a game engine editor ever.

Bugs, Crashes and Issues / Re: v.5 (proper response)
« on: June 24, 2020, 12:36:13 PM »
Projects seem not to run, instead i get a empty debug window
I cannot reproduce this bug. Everything seems fine to me, atleast when I'm using my copy of VS2019.

Also the text is still hiding under the top window bar as before, (notice the fog object 90% hidden).
Can you copy paste in a post the content of your project using MS Notepad/Notepad++?
3DRadSpace currently uses a text format that looks like that, (with a binary format partially implemented):
Code: [Select]
skycolor SkyColor True 0 128 255
soundeffect SoundEffect True 1 0 0 0 Sounds/sound
textprint TextPrint True 400 400 1 1 0 0 0 255 255 255 0 0 Press <Enter> to play the sound    þ Arial_12px
eok EventOnKey True 13 1 0 1 1
Let me explain the format:
First line is just an identifier.
All the other lines specify details about the loaded objects.

I added a 64=x480 sprite to the project, it seems to me they should be loaded with the default image size, not scaled to 64x64 by default.

Yeah, I can easily add something similar in the next release.

Also would be nice if we could click the image in the editor window to scale & move the image around, like pressing shift while dragging to maintain proportions, or without shift-key to adjust width & height separately
This is planned for a future aplha release.

Also being an old fart, some sort size adjustment for the editor window, either a click & drag or select from a list ( maybe font size selection option, like most window text editors have).
Hm? I don't quite understand what do you mean? Setting to change the font size in the menustrip and listbox controls?

Another thing would be editor window color adjustment, say like black or dark gray with white text, or black with orange text.. you know what ever the user color settings they may prefer & text size too.
Looks like themes to me. Interesting idea. I don't think that `themes` fit a game engine like mine. Still, sounds kinda interesting.

Bugs, Crashes and Issues / Re: v.5
« on: June 22, 2020, 06:29:01 PM »
Actually attaching files doesn't work, because of some issius with a folder permission.

Bugs, Crashes and Issues / Re: v.5
« on: June 22, 2020, 07:38:36 AM »
What are the faulty projects? And some screenahots would be real useful. Also, moving an image and rotating is planned in a future version.

3DRadSpace Releases / 3DRadSpace v0.0.5a bug-fix release
« on: June 21, 2020, 08:34:26 PM »
Hello everyone. This is a smaller size release that contains bugfixes to few critical issues.

Bug fixes

Fixed fog still rendering when opening a new project
Fixed a startup crash on some systems
Fixed fog still rendering when opening a new project
Fixed some bugs with the enabled state of the GameObject derived classes
Fixed a bug with the checkboxes on the object list not updating correctly
Fixed Skybox antialialising ( line visual artifacts) in 3DRadSpacePlayer
Fixed a major memory leak in 3DRadSpacePlayer

API Changes

Camera.MaxDrawDist now updates other skybox's _size values
Added Camera.LinkCamera(Camera)
Added Camera.UpdateSize()


Changed Script object icon to the standard C# logo
Fixed a visual bug in FPVCamera's object window

Download (ZIP only):

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