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Off-Topic / Testing the RSS Discord bot
« Last post by NicusorN5 on May 01, 2020, 11:16:29 PM »
Nothing important here. Just a test post.
Off-Topic / Forum rules
« Last post by NicusorN5 on April 25, 2020, 08:54:09 PM »

1.) Do not troll, attack, insult other members.
2.) Do not bring up useless arguments.
3.) Do not post any malware, or pirated content.
4.) Do not spam.
5.) Do not use multiple accounts.
6.) Do not post stolen or copyrighted content.
7.) Do not post NSFW content.

Breaking a main rule will lead into a warning, then into a permanent ban.

Minor rules:

1.) Do not bring useless, irrelevant arguments in a discussion.
2.) Do not bump threads older than 120 days.
3.) Do not name your topics : 'HELP', 'give me script pls', 'script error' . Please make your thread titles descriptive and clear.
4.) When having a script compile error, on when providing a bug report, please provide as much details as possible.

Breaking minor rules repedeatly will result in warnings and in a temporary ban.

Thank you for your attention.
3DRadSpace Releases / 3DRadSpace 0.0.2a release
« Last post by NicusorN5 on April 25, 2020, 08:41:43 PM »
Hello guys, here's the second alpha release of 3DRadSpace.

Note that the release also provides a setup executable, that sets the file associations.


✓ Autoupdater now shows up progress
✓ Added settings that allows different values for camera sensitivity and speed


✓ Fixed camera default FOV value
✓ Fixed camera saving wrong project file output
✓ Fixed a crash when opening a project that contained atleast 1 Camera object
✓ Fixed the Camera object rendering by fixing wrong FOV values and by setting Camera.ScreenSize to an actual value
✓ Attempt for fix crashes when loading resource files that doesn't exist (user is being warned if the specified path doesn't lead to a file)
✓ Fixed camera view rotation
✓ Fixed skinmesh being entirely black in 3DRadSpacePlayer
✓ Fixed compiler not copying all files in /Content

NOTE: If you got the version before the date this release was posted here, please reinstall from here.

3DRadSpace Releases / (old) 3DRadSpace 0.0.1a release
« Last post by NicusorN5 on April 25, 2020, 08:40:08 PM »
Hello guys, this is the first ever public release of 3DRadSpace.

This release includes:
✓ Scripting using C#
✓ These objects are implemented:
    * Sprite
    * TextPrint
    * SoundEffect
    * EventOnLocation
    * EventOnKey
    * Timer
    * ExitFade
    * Script
    * Camera
    * Skinmesh
    * SkyColor
    * Fog
    * SoundSource
  ✓ Loading and importing .X model using 'Fast XNB Builder'
  ✓ Saving/Loading projects
  ✓ Playing projects


Q: Why release a public alpha now?
A: Since I feel that right now 3DRadSpace is capable of making very simple projects.

Q: Updates when?
A: Daily updates and patches for the first two weeks. When possible.

Q: What are 3DRadSpace's current (first alpha) limitations and known issues:
-- Doesn't allow external libraries
-- Complicated and long function calls, for example
Code: [Select]

Provided game objects:
--Not tested totally enough
-- Possible issues with resource loading (ex, you can't convert a sound file for the SoundEffect object)
Editor UI:
--Not as simple to use as the original 3D Rad
-- Projects are saved in text format, not binary.

Q: Does 3DRadSpace have features that makes it better that the original 3D Rad?
A: Yes, these are:
--Scripting in C#, you aren't limited to a set of functions that 3D Rad's Angelscript provided
-- Faster loading times

Q: How do I report bugs?
A: There are multipla ways: posting a thread on this forum, posting on the Discord server and posting issues on GitHub

Q: How can I help development?
A: You can help development by:
-- Donating on Patreon (this encourages me to keep this project alive, and the money will be used for hosting websites and forums, etc)
-- Providing feedback.
-- Contribute to the 3DRadSpace repository: clone repository, edit code, and make a pull request.

Q: Is .X the single model format supporter right now?
A: Monogame uses assimp that supports a LOT of model formats. But 'XNB Builder' only supports .X formats right now. More will be added in the near future!

Q: I've reached the end of this Q&A , download link?
A: Right there :

Thanks for you attention, have a great day!

(Taken from ClassDev)
Annoucements / Welcome to the new 3DRadSpace forum!
« Last post by NicusorN5 on April 25, 2020, 08:36:18 PM »
   Hello, and welcome to the new 3DRadSpace forum! This is the official, developer-supported forum for the game engine named 3DRadSpace.

As a result of creating this forum, I will no longer provide support and updates on the older forums ( ClassDev and ).

Thank you for your attention.

-NicusorN5, Main 3DRadSpace dev
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